WhatsApp To Increase The Number Of Participants On Video Calls


Yeah, you heard it right, WhatsApp is coming out with a new feature where a user can connect up to 8 participants during a video and audio call. Read on the article below, to know all the details.

Where the world is facing the Coronavirus pandemic, video conferencing has come out as one of the most important part of our daily life. This is why video conferencing platforms like Zoom, Skype, Microsoft Team, Google Meet has witnessed a huge increase in usage over the last month. These companies are doing their best to provide the best user experience during the video call. However, missing WhatsApp from the list of those names can be quite disappointing for anyone.

WhatsApp has been the most popular messaging application with more than two billion users globally. Currently, WhatsApp only allows four users to participate in group calls. Understanding the need of the situation WhatsApp is ready to deliver a great user experience to its users by extending the limit of audio and video calling conferencing to eight people.

With such huge numbers of users globally, this new feature will definitely give a tough competition to its competitors. Earlier, WhatsApp has come out with several initiatives (for ex: video uploaded on status limits to 15 seconds) to curb the issues that come along with the lockdown due to coronavirus pandemic. This time WhatsApp head Will Cathcart has confirmed that the update of adding up to 8 participants during video and audio calls is soon to be released.

Before you know how to get started with this new handy new feature let’s, see how you can make a simple WhatsApp video call from your phone.


How to make WhatsApp Video Call


  • Go to the contact you want to video call.

  • Once the call gets connected, click on the (+) add participant icon on the top right of your mobile screen.

  • Search for the participant and simply add in the conversation

  • Follow the above step.

  • Now you add up to 8 participants during this call.


Get started with the new feature

The update is already rolled out in the beta version. However, to use the feature you need to have the updated beta version of WhatsApp. Users who are already using the beta version of the app can simply get started with the steps mentioned above. In case if you’re not then follow the steps mentioned below to join the WhatsApp Beta version on your phone.

  • Open Play Store in your android phone and search for WhatsApp.

  • Scroll down on the page and below the developer option you will find the Become a beta tester

  • Click on the button that reads “I’m In”.

  • For confirmation click on choose

From now onwards you will receive all the latest features on your WhatsApp before it gets live globally. It is one of the many advantages that Whatsapp beta version offers to its users. Currently, Whatsapp Beta Programme is full, but not to worry as assured by Mark Zuckerberg himself the feature will be available for all users soon.

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Already in many countries, we have noticed a significant surge in video calling through Messenger and WhatsApp.  Even the views of Facebook live and Instagram have doubled in such a short time.

Getting a reliable video calling option from an application that is already installed on your phone is always a better option. This is why such a step from WhatsApp will be a handy feature for all the users across the world. With this feature, WhatsApp aims to help people stay connected online with each other in a secure and reliable environment. It will also help to avoid the security issues that come along with video conferencing applications like Zoom.

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