VIVO APEX: World’s first half screen in-display fingerprint smartphone

Vivo Apex

The other day, we told you about world’s first in-display fingerprint scanner, the Vivo X20 Plus UD. We have discussed how Vivo has taken the initiative to take the future of smartphone industry to greater heights. What we are bringing next to the table is definitely an indication that the China based smartphone manufacturer is in no mood to cut loose the hype that they have created. Now, Vivo has come out with a new smartphone presenting a futuristic design with half screen in-display scanning technology called APEX.

With Vivo APEX, Vivo has taken the bezel less phone to a whole new level, by introducing world’s highest screen-to-body ratio. If we talk in numbers then it has an astonishing 91% screen-to-body ratio, which no other smartphone is offering right now. What makes me and I am sure many other techies really excited is that Vivo has brought something fresh and invigorating for the customer. Unlike the other brands, the company has showed us that future is not all about improved cameras and sleek designs. At MWC 2018, Barcelona with the introduction of Vivo APEX, company has made sure smartphone future is in safe hands. Now as the company has finally launched the device let’s see what it is offering to its customers.

New definition of stunning design promoting bezel-less phone

Regardless of the people favoring infinity display or not, one thing that none can ignore is its growth. This has been the driving force behind the concept of Vivo APEX. It has completely re-define the way we have been looking at our bezel-less phone The new generation device features a 5.99-inch OLED display with a staggering 1.8 mm thin bezels on top, left and right. As far as the bottom is concerned they stick with 4.3 mm thick bezel which is kind of acceptable for now.

A report from Android Police tell us that the designed is currently owned by Essential Products. On behalf of all, I would really like to thank them for coming out with such a revolutionary patent. Also can’t thank enough to the flexible OLED platform, with the help of which the microchip is directly mounted to the flexible circuit board. Without all this we might not have experienced the incredible screen-to-body ratio.

Unprecedented first half-screen in-display fingerprint scanning technology


One of the most liked feature from VIVO X20 Plus HD was the in-display fingerprint scanning technology. I have also talked about this in my last article that how fingerprint technology has been revolutionized by Vivo. What could be possible advancement in the field?

  • With Vivo APEX, the mobile company has went a step forward by implementing a massive in-display fingerprint reader which almost cover one-third of the entire display. This means now the user can basically unlock the smartphone simply by putting their finger anywhere on the bottom of the screen.

  • Another more flexible and highly intuitive features is the dual-fingerprint registration. A feature that will never fail you to give the feel of a sci-fi movie. This will only increase the security of the user.

A new concept for selfie camera


On an attempt to create a phone with highest screen-to-body ratio, Vivo has opened several new doors for itself to express its creativity.

  • In a world where others are still trying to figure out the best place for the front camera, Vivo comes out and show us how it is done. In Vivo Apex you will find the front camera is hidden on the top edge of the phone which pops out whenever the user switch to selfie mode. The 8 MP camera effortlessly rises in 0.8 s and retracts back after use.

  • The company has smartly revamped the conventional front cameras by hiding the proximity and ambient light sensor. While keeping the selfie experience same for the users. Carry the device that looks like gadget from a bond movie to a party and jealous your friend.

  • The rear camera is as powerful as any flagship phone from Samsung or Apple. It offers super HDR with a limited dynamic range up to 14 EV. The advanced AI algorithm and character optimizations natural tones with smart optimization make the video and image look super stunning.

Revamped audio technology a treat to your ears

In order to obtain the Full View concept, Vivo has replaced many essential components from its screen. If you’re thinking that this has gone against the convenience of user experience then you’re wrong. Rather it has been the reason for the innovation of System In Package (SIP) Technology.

  • Introduced a new speaker system called as Screen SoundCasting which turns the entire 6”display to a solid sound panel. While calling simply hold the phone conventionally and a clear sound comes through the panel.

  • With the deployment of SIP technology it is featuring a Hi-Fi audio along with three powerful amplifiers and DAC. This has completely eliminated the need of the circuit board space. Overall for me positioning really doesn’t matter unless we get a good quality sound. Till now it seems APEX is doing pretty decent job in this department.

Upon researching we heard that the sound quality is nowhere less than the standard audio from any smartphone. However, it is rather more realistic with more depth and less harsh treble.


Vivo remain as the company who is not afraid of experimenting with their devices. Vivo APEX has been a strong example of this where they are setting new standards in the market. For now the device is only available in China, but soon it is going to be released worldwide. So hold your breath guys till this brilliant smartphone is available at your reach.


Phone Specs as of now:


Announced February, 2018
Launch Yet to be declared Globally
Status Coming Soon, Expected release date mid of 2018
Screen Size 5.99″
Operating System Android 8 (Expected)
Screen Type OLED
Chipset Snapdragon 845



Sadly, Vivo is yet to declare how much RAM, internal storage, battery capacity and is offering to its users. Stay tuned, soon we will be coming out with all its specification and pricing and availability related details. Drop your views in the comment section, what you think about this future ready smartphone from Vivo.


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