Twitter Soon Rolling Out Many Interesting New Features


Micro-blogging site Twitter is about to launch a new feature for its users soon. Through this feature, Twitter users will be able to schedule their posts as per their convenience. The company has introduced many new and useful features recently, which has made it very easy for the users to use the micro-blogging site. So, let us have a detailed look at the new features of Twitter. Before reading whats Twitter offering to their users. You can also read WhatsApp Update- Status Setting Revamped

Testing of New Features In Progress

  • According to many media reports, Twitter is testing a feature to prevent hate speech and trolling on its platform. Only a few select desktop users have got this new feature. It is expected that the company will soon introduce this feature to all other users. The company claims that the abusive posts will be banned through this feature.

  • Twitter is also preparing to introduce another new feature, with the help of which users will have an option to improve the content before posting.

Twitter says that these features will be first introduced for iOS users. 

Hide Reply Feature Launched

Twitter launched the “Hide reply” feature last year. Through this feature, users will be able to easily hide the outrageous and annoying replies. The company said that users will also be able to see the hidden replies by clicking on the gray icon. Also, with this feature, users will have a better control on their posts.

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