Contents of Stability Booklet


Every cargo ship of 24 metres and above require to carry a stability booklet.

  • General description of the ship.

  • Instructions to use the booklet.

  • General Arrangement Plan showing watertight compartments, vents, allowable deck loading and freeboard diagram.

  • Hydrostatic curves or tables, cross curves of stability for ranges of displacement and trim anticipated in normal operations.

  • Capacity Plan/table showing capacity and COG of each cargo stowage space.

  • Tank sounding tables showing capacities, COG and free surface data for each tank.

  • Information on loading restrictions, such as Max KG or Minimum GM Curve that can be used to determine compliance with stability criteria.

  • Standard operating condition and examples of other acceptable loading conditions.

  • Description of stability calculation done including assumptions.

  • General precautions to prevent unintentional flooding.

  • Information concerning use of any special cross-flooding fittings with description of damage conditions which may require cross-flooding.

  • Any other necessary guidance for the safe operation of ship under normal and emergency condition.

  • A table of content and index of booklet.

  • Inclining test report of the ship.

  • Information about openings (location, tightness, means of closure) pipes or other progressive flooding sources.


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One thought on “Contents of Stability Booklet

  • June 21, 2019 at 1:45 pm

    Where will I get load density of tank or hold?? Is it given in stability booklet??


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