My Sailor


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Sailing across the tides of time,

The anchor of my love still holds thy name,

A moment shall come when you embrace me in your arms,

With love infinite, erasing the separation’s pain!

I have learnt to fight the toughest storms,

Because you have taught me to hold my sails high,

I drop an anchor to the words of the world,

Because you have been my strength when the peers go wry!

I imagine you standing at the bridge and gazing at the seas,

The waters so vast and feelings undefined,

Humming your favourite song, remembering my name,

The dinner date and the perfect glass of wine!

The girth of your arms holds me perfect,

My forehead to be perfectly kissed by your warmth,

My love for you increases with every day that strolls,

 My sailor you are the perfect example of love!


A Poem By : Heena Soni






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