OPPO FIND X- Elegant Or A Desperate Attempt To Avoid The Notch?

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Are you one of those who find notch an ugly or uncreative way to get rid of the bezels in a phone? Good news Oppo introduced their flagship phone Oppo Find X in India with a motorized camera giving away users a screen to body ratio of 93.8%.  Not only that it brings with it numbers of noticeable amount of changes that one looks for in a premium phone. Read on the article to know more about it.

2018 started the notch trend and soon like plague every other company introduced their flagship phone with more or less the same design. Only few like Vivo and Oppo dared to bring some innovation to the table. Such are the move that keeps android device exciting. Where Vivo kept it simple by simply introducing first ever pop-up selfie camera and under glass solution for earpiece. Its Oppo who takes it bit further by designing a phone with a motorized part which lifts the entire top of the phone. However, it’s not only the sliding top that amazes us there are much more Oppo Find X is offering to their users. Let’s check out more about this beautiful device from Oppo.

The device is now available in India at a price of ₹ 59,990.




Oppo Find X Design

Oppo Find X definitely showcase an unprecedented bezel less device with a panoramic arc screen. The 6.4-inch screen comfortably even defeat the Vivo Nex by a great margin. Without any doubt it will never fail to give away a premium impression whenever you hold it in your hands. In short, it’s the design that makes Oppo Find X unique in the market right now. As far as the surface is concerned it primarily focussed on the main goal to keep the bezel to the minimum with rounded corners just like any Samsung Galaxy device.

Having a premium cut of glass both in front and rear, the Amoled 1080 pixels screen looks amazingly stunning from both sides. It comes with two gorgeous gradient colors – one purple which is also being called as Bordeaux Red and another Glacier Blue. One thing that you definitely going to miss in the design is the fingerprint ID. Rest are more or less the same- an elegant looking earpiece at the top, no headphone jack. The SIM card tray and USB type C is located at the bottom of the phone along with the speaker.


Android Best 3D face unlock

The reason behind why you can’t find a fingerprint scanner in Oppo Find X is because company claims to introduce their first unique 3D face recognition that let users instantly and securely unlock the device. It also said that the 3D Structured light technology which uses 15,000 facial dot recognition and AI is 20 times safer than Fingerprint unlock mechanism.

However, it might be too early to judge that, as far as now what we have seen it does a surprisingly amazing job. Where the registration process only takes 3 seconds, the unlocking process feels like a charm.

The smart combination of both hardware and software will make you go “wow” for once at least when you swipe up the screen to unlock. The unlocking process take only a half of a second where you will notice the top of the phone sliding up and retracts back.

Sliding top

On second thought you might wonder how durable it is going to be in a long run considering the factor like usual unlock and while using photography. To that Oppo has tested the durability of motorized part more than 300K times. Works for me, keeping on mind the innovation I got to carry with myself.


Along with the appealing design Oppo Find X offers their users everything that one would search for in a premium device. It comes with powerful and latest Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 845 processor and an Octa-core CPU with 4×2.8 GHz processing speed. An 8 GB of RAM with an impressive 256 GB of internal storage. It also introduced its own fast wired charging mechanism by the name VOOC. It will help charging the 3.730 mAh battery completely in just 35 minutes. Oppo Find X comes with the latest Android 8.1 Oreo with Oppo Color OS skin on it. With that it brings with it lots interesting gestures and other features to the phone somehow similar to Samsung device.

Read the table below to know more about its various configuration.

FindX Specs Table

Final Take Away

With more and more phone coming with the same notch design, Oppo with their flagship device Find X definitely makes a strong statement. The powerful and elegant motorized sliding top consisting all the important stuff (i.e. sensors and two rear and one front camera) helps achieving the best bezel less device up till now.

On the other hand, one can’t also deny the fact that sooner or later mechanical parts in a mobile device will start act awkwardly. Also, I would like to point out the fact that many tech YouTubers like @MKBHD has tested the motorized part and it seems like it is durable enough to last it long.

If you want purchase a device with similar kind of experience with added advantage like onscreen Fingerprint scanner then you can try Vivo Nex. Click below to get the product at best price.


However the question still remains the same is it the only way to achieve the perfect bezel less device?

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