Lifebuoy Self Igniting Light Requirements

In our previous article we talked about Lifebuoy Requirements As Per SOLAS.In this article we will specifically highlight the requirements and regulations for Lifebuoy Self Igniting Light. So, let’s have a look at them:

  • The self igniting light shall be such that they cannot be extinguished by water.

  • Light emitted by self igniting lights should be white in colour.

  • Self igniting light should be capable of burning continuously with luminous intensity of not less than 2 Cd (Candela) in all direction of upper hemisphere. OR flashing at the rate of 50-70 flashes per minute with corresponding effective luminous intensity.

  • The self igniting light should have an operational period of at least 2 hours.

  • The light should be capable of withstanding a drop test into water from the height it is stowed above waterline in lightest seagoing condition or 30 metres whichever is greater.

So, these are the requirements for Lifebuoy Self Igniting Light. Hope this will be useful for you all.

Ankit Chauhan

Sailing on High Seas as a Merchant Naval Officer since 2011, believe in sharing the knowledge he has gained over years.

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