List Of Lifeboat Equipment

lifeboat equipment
Lifeboat equipment that are required to be carried on board at all times are as follows:


  1. Except for free fall lifeboats, sufficient buoyant oars, so as to make headway in calm seas.

  2. Boat hooks = Two

  3. One buoyant bailer and two buckets.

  4. Survival manual = One

  5. Operational magnetic compass = One

  6. Sea AnchorOne

  7. Efficient paintersTwo (Length should be twice the distance from the stowage position to waterline in lightest seagoing condition or 15 mtr whichever is greater.)

  8. HatchetsTwo

  9. Watertight receptacles containing 3 litres of water for each person the boat is permitted to accommodate. 

  10. Rustproof dipper with lanyard = One

  11. Rustproof graduated drinking vessel = One

  12. Food ration totalling not less then 10,000 KJoule per person.

  13. Rocket parachute flaresFour

  14. Hand flaresSix

  15. Buoyant Smoke Signals = Two

  16. Waterproof electric torch, suitable for morse code with spare batteryOne

  17. Daylight Signalling mirrorOne

  18. Copy of life saving signalsOne

  19. Whistle = One

  20. First Aid KitOne

  21. Anti sea-sickness medicine = 6 doses for each person the boat is permitted to accommodate.

  22. Sea-sickness bag = 1 for each person the boat is permitted to accommodate.

  23. Jack Knife = One

  24. Tin OpenersThree

  25. Buoyant rescue quoitsTwo

  26. If lifeboat is not self bailing then one manual bailer pump.

  27. Fishing tackleOne set

  28. Sufficient tools for minor adjustments.

  29. Portable fire extinguishing equipment.

  30. Search LightOne

  31. Efficient Radar reflector = One

  32. Thermal Protective Aids = 10 % of number of person the boat is permitted to accommodate or  Two, whichever is greater.

To see the picture of each equipment, click on the name of the equipment.

All the lifeboat equipment should be secured by means of lashing or should be kept in storage lockers or secured by brackets or other similar mountings except two boat hooks.

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The requirements are as per SOLAS convention.

The officer responsible for the upkeep of LSA/FFE has to take the inventory of lifeboat equipment once per month or as per the planned maintenance system.


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