Life At Sea – From A Sailor’s Viewpoint

life at sea

Many of you who has never been to sea must have wondered at times that how the Life At Sea must be? All those aspirants who wish to become a seaman in future must have faced this question. So I decided to share my view point on how the Life At Sea is.

Life at Sea brings many challenges and few rewards. Sea is unforgiving, one mistake and it could be fatal sometimes. It’s not an easy life and hence is not for the mentally weak people. One needs a really tough mindset to survive and continue in this field.

Life at sea teaches you how little you need rather than how much you need to survive.

Life at sea can be very exciting and be very boring sometimes. One gets to see the best views of nature but at the same time a fixed routine could bore you to the core. There are times when you just want to leave everything and run back to your family and loved ones. Having said that, there are also times when you will feel that you are doing something very different and you would like to stick to your profession, that’s the diversity sea offers. While your routine might be same, challenges are different everyday. At sea, one learns something or other everyday. It’s a never ending process or we can say that life at sea is a journey full of experiences.

The conditions in which a seafarer survives are one of the harshest. One is always at the mercy of sea, nature and weather. We cannot control the natural factors so a seafarer just learn to adjust with the conditions. No matter how tough they are, which means life at sea will make you adaptable, you will complain less and will appreciate more. You will learn the importance of very small things in life. You will learn to derive happiness from very basic things in your life, you will learn the importance of your family and friends.

The moment a person choose a life at sea, s/he chooses to sacrifice many things and pleasures of life. For example, it’s your birthday and you are out at sea working on a ship, you will not get any special treatment like you get at home or with your friends. So one surely misses many moments of life when out at sea.

Hence I will conclude that life at sea is very challenging but it teaches you a lot. It makes you a better person (of course if you take the positives). By my personal experience I will say it makes you humble, it changes the way one looks at life. So, if you have already chosen this life, be prepared to take the hits and enjoy the positives and if you are still to decide, ask yourself what you want from life and if you are still satisfied, go ahead…!!!

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