LG Unveiled World’s Largest OLED TV Under The Signature Series

LG signature oled

LG has introduced its most expensive TV so far under the “Signature series“. This LG Signature OLED TV comes with a size of up to 88 inches and it supports 8K resolution. Apart from this, it will also be available with a 77 inch panel.

LG claims that the pixel density of these newly launched televisions is 4 times higher than most of the 4K screens available in the market. The company also claims that these televisions will show far more superior and sharp images. Due to the superb display quality, these televisions are launched with a very heavy price tag. Now let us have a look at the Pricing, features and specifications of these recently launched televisions.

LG Signature OLED TV Price

The 88-inch variant of the TV under the Signature Series is priced at about $ 34,676 (about Rs 26.25 lakh). On the other hand, the 77-inch LG television costs $ 23,430 (about Rs 17.74 lakh).

Key Features

  • Front 60W speakers are fitted in these premium TVs of LG for quality sound.

  • LG has claimed that this television will offer cinematic experience like never before right in the comfort of your homes.

  • LG’s 88-inch television has HDMI 2.1 inputs with Generation 3 AI processor technology. Apart from this, features like screen protection are also provided in these expensive televisions.

  • The 88-inch variant will have a stand artistic sculpture design, while the 77-inch variation will have a gallery design with wall bracket.

  • These televisions are equipped with hands-free voice recognition function, which will also allow users to perform basic operations by ‘talking’ to the television.

Looking at the features, these televisions seems to justify the heavy price tags. What are your views about the features and pricing? Is it over priced or the heavy price tag is justified?

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