Is Notch The Only Solution For Bezel-less Smartphone?


Lately it seems like smartphone manufacturers are in a rat race to develop a phone with a high screen-to-body ratio. On an attempt to achieve that nice looking only screen no bezel display most of them are sticking with the notch concept. Undoubtedly display with notch has been a smart and elegant solution to make the most out of the phone screen. However, the big question still remains the same, is Notch the only solution for Bezel-less phone? Read on the article to see how giants like Asus, LG, Huawei and etc have reacted to this move and what’s the future of bezel-less smartphone beholds.

Smartphone makers has always amazed us with their bold and decisive moves. It has been such a situation that one can’t really predict what’s they are going to offer in their next launch. This has brought smartphone industry to great heights. Who would have thought that one day they can authenticate their device with their fingerprint or face ID? Maybe only few. Or there would be an alternative to headphone jacks which was considered as indispensable part of the device. Such changes may not be liked by all but has definitely shaped the future of smartphone. Current scenario is all about smartphone with bezel-less display. Smartphone manufacturers are trying their best to come out with the most suitable solution which can provide maximum screen to body ratio. A simple solution which has been started with Essential Phone but ignited by iPhone X is a display with “notch”.

What is a display with “Notch”

You all might have wondered at some point of time what would be like to have a phone with a full display, i.e. 6’’ screen with no bezel but only screen to play games or view videos. Essential PH-1 was the first smartphone to make that dream come true by introducing display with a notch.

A notch is nothing but a small portion at the top of the display which been cut to fit in the camera and sensor.

With these move certain obvious changes has been incurred in the phone like:

  • On screen navigation button.

  • Fingerprint scanner has been placed smartly, i.e. behind the back of the phone.

  • Sensors placed on screen with the help of new concept

  • And speakers slipped to the bottom edge of the phone.

Apple taking forward the legacy of “Notch”

Whether you agree or not Apple has become a trendsetter, nothing hops up in smartphone market unless and until Apple adopt it. Pick any instance like we saw in the case of wireless charging, no headphone jacks and etc. everything comes to the large screen only when Apple comes on board. Same has been the situation with a display with notch.

Apple introduce their own way of implementing notch in the phone with iPhone X. Although it wasn’t an exact copy of what we have already seen in Essential PH-1, but seeing Apple coming with the same concept was kind of disheartening for me at least. Even several consumers show the same reaction by saying that the move was not what they are expecting from Apple. However, soon the notch indeed becomes a necessary concept which allowed Apple to introduce Face-ID in their phone.

Android Smartphone Makers Copying The “Notch”

Mobile World Congress 2018 held in Barcelona make one thing loud and clear that a display with notch is going to be the next big thing in the smartphone industry. Companies like Asus, Huawei, LG, Noa and Ulefone with their launch blatantly proved that notch is the need of the hour. However, one can definitely argue “copying can never be a solution to make things better”. But when it comes from companies like Asus, it definitely tells a different story. Where many had lots of expectations with their next big launch Asus Zenfone 5, it turns out to be nothing but a cynical copy of iPhone X.

When asked to Marcel Campus, Asus global head of marketing in an interview, he clearly mentioned

“Some people will say it’s copying Apple, but we cannot get away from what users want,”.  Now the question that raise here does customer really want a display with notch? Have notch become a trend?

Quite debatable, however I am sure many wouldn’t like to give away the iPhone X impression to others whenever they take out their Zenfone 5 from pocket.

What make us more sad and annoying is that the list doesn’t ends here. There are smartphones like Huawei P20, OPPO R15, LG G7, Leagoo S9 and etc. who has implemented maybe smaller but the same design i.e. a display with notch. Keeping the fact in the mind that definitely the notch is not the exact copy of iPhone X, but is it really important to have a notch at all? Going by the recent and upcoming launch it maybe not but it definitely impresses many smartphone makers to stick with it. Even the recent leaks showed that One Plus bringing the same concept in their phone with One Plus 6.

All the listed names above here may state that they have improved the look of their phone and safely maintain their identity. But is it really true? Maybe for few, but definitely comes under the radar of being and iPhone X impersonator.

What are the alternatives for “notch”

Fortunately, companies like Samsung, VIVO and Xiaomi believes that notch is not the only way to tackle the problem to maintain a high screen-to-body ratio.  With the recent flagship phone from Samsung, the Galaxy S9, the company has proved that their device can still have less bezels without sticking with notch. Same has been with Xiaomi Mix Phones, it has smartly placed all the sensors and front camera in the front along with keeping the fingerprint to most rightful place i.e. behind the device.

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However, its VIVO who amazed us with the launch of their next generation phone VIVO APEX. APEX has taken the whole bezel-less phone concept to the next level, by introducing World’s First In-display fingerprint scanner and a pop-up front facing camera. You can read the complete article about VIVO APEX here.

These smartphones have showed us that display with notch is not the only solution for a bezel-less device. Maybe one just need to set their limitation right.


For me a display with notch was never a solid answer for better screen-to-body ratio mobile devices. Nor I deny that it’s definitely an elegant option. However, smartphone companies sticking with the same design is really absurd and kind of upsetting for many out there. If VIVO, Samsung and Xiaomi can try something different why not the others. If such a move gets carried away, android smartphone makers like ASUS, Huawei, Noa, etc. will lose their identity very soon.

Being a true Android Lovers, I would never want to see android smartphone manufacturers to lose their independent design and philosophy. Undoubtedly notches are neat and smart but imagining a scenario where everyone carrying a similar design smartphone gives me shiver.

So, let us know what’s your thought about the latest smartphone trend in the comments below. Do you think display with notch is the only and best solution for latest smartphones? Do you have any suggestions regarding what could be better alternative to the notch? Do let us know.


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