Precautions To Be Taken For Heavy Weather

heavy weather precautions


Heavy weather or rough sea is something which a seafarer experiences very commonly and frequently.

It is very important to be ready in all aspects to face the heavy weather. First thing which should be referred to while preparing for heavy weather is the company’s checklist.


In this article we will discuss some general and important things which should always be kept in mind while preparing for heavy weather onboard.


Heavy Weather Precautions To Be Taken


  • Always inform the Master, Engine Room and the crew if any heavy weather warning is received and heavy weather is expected.

  • Ensure all the movable objects are secured on Deck, in Engine Room and Galley.

  • Avoid areas of upper deck and also make an announcement for the crew to avoid such areas which may become hazardous because of heavy weather.

  • Officer Of Watch (OOW) should increase monitoring of weather report frequency and recording of weather data in the log book.

  • In case a TRS is expected, weather reports are to be prepared and transmitted to appropriate authorities as per SOLAS chapter V.

  • Regular inspections should be carried out on open decks whenever the weather subsides.

  • Extra lashings must be taken on Anchors.

  • Gangway and Pilot ladders’ lashings must be checked.

  • Water Tight doors and access hatchways must be properly closed and secured.

  • Hard Ropes and safety lines must be rigged on open deck in advance.

  • Speed and course to be adjusted as per Master’s orders.

  • Heavy weather ballast may be taken considering the ship’s stability.

  • Free surface effect in tanks to be reduced by completely pressing up the tanks.

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So these are the heavy weather precautions which should be practised when entering or passing through an area of heavy weather.

Have more points to add? Do let us know in the comments section, we will be glad to hear from you.


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