7 Google Advanced Search Tips and Tricks


7 Smart Ways To Search In Google

In today’s time, searching on Google is not a difficult task. Daily millions of people use Google for various reasons. For example, students use it to complete their homework, business people use it for their projects and research and majorly others for entertainment. But still many times it happens that your time in searching for something is completely wasted. In simple words you couldn’t utilize Google search to its full potential. In such a situation, there are many ways to search on Google, but it depends on what you are searching on the platform. So today we will tell you some special ways, with the help of which you will be able to search more things on Google in less time. Let’s know about all these Google Search Tips and Tricks.

Using Quotes (” “) 

Generally whenever you search for a phrase in Google for example How to edit an image. The search engine will search for content that contains the phrase in any order. However, if you use quotes like ” How to edit an image” the search engine will only search content with that exact phrase you typed. 

Searching in this way will be very easy and helpful if you’re looking for specific content.

Using colon (:)

Sometimes while scrolling over the internet there comes the instance when you want to search for specific content on a particular website. Google let you do this by using the keyword site:

This method is for users who want to see what words the website has used. Let’s say for example you want to search for the term google in theverge.com all you have to write is–
google site: theverge.com

Using Asterisk (*)

Using asterisk while searching any phrase could help you returning results when you’re sure about the complete phrase. In other words it helps to complete the phrase on itself which searching. It can be quite helpful when you’re searching for a song and forgot its lyrics.

The syntax looks like this I*it*way.

If you’re a backstreet boys fan just like me Google it and you will be amazed to see the results.

Find similar sites.

Practically a very handy one. Using this technique you can find sites similar to your favorite website. Let’s say for your example you have been using a site for listening to music but now you want to see what others are offering. Then use the below trick to get all the list of sites that offering the same service.

Syntax: related: amazon.com

The above phrase in Google search box will return you website similar to amazon.com.


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If users want to search old news on Google, then they have to enter the desired date by typing it with google news archive search. After this, all the old news will come in front of you.


Use Google search for Math 

You might have done this already in case you haven’t. Then next time while opening your calculator app in your desktop for simple or tough math calculation simply ask it to google.

For example type: 120 Lakh crore divided by 130 croresDo tell us in the comment section what’s the result you got.

Use inurl

If you want to find a URL with a single text, then you have to use inurl.

Syntax: inurl: test

Find a specific file.

Google links you to a vast source of files. Does don’t limit your search to a simple website. With the help of this technique, you can search a specific file that can be PDF, PPT., or even a word file from the web.

Syntax: “Search term” filetype:pdf (search without the quote).


From here onwards we hope you can use Google Search more effectively with the help of these tips and tricks. If you know more such techniques through which we can use Google search to its full potential do let us know in the comment section.




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