Google Meet : Offering Free Video Calls to Everyone


In our last article we talked about the much-needed initiative from WhatsApp to allow up to 8 participants in a video and audio call. Now Google Meet is soon going to roll out its premium video conferencing product for free.  Read on the article to know the complete story.

What’s in the shell

Amid the Coronavirus Pandemic, it’s the technology that is helping all of us to stay safe and connected. These last few months we have seen how video-conferencing application has played a crucial role to not only keep all of us connected but also to stay productive. This is why video conferencing platforms are coming forward with their giveaways to make the whole experience user friendly.

Google Meet is an upgraded version of Google Hangout Meet, it is created mainly for business to carry their meetings through a secure and reliable line. Earlier Google Meet as a tool was available only for G Suite customers. Users have to choose one of the premium packages (Basic/Business/Enterprise) to avail its features. The Coronavirus Pandemic has led video conferencing provider companies to come up with steps that allow users to get the best out of their video calls.

Google has followed the same, last month they have made the premium version of Google Meet free for their existing G Suite Users.

The catch here is any G Suite user can even call a person who hasn’t purchased any premium package of G Suite.

Furthermore, Google has decided to take this to the next step. Now anyone simply with their Google Account can access Google Meet features without paying anything.

It is soon going to provide free awesome and secure video calling experience to everyone. Starting from the next week be it an individual, schools, governments or organization anyone can enjoy a video calling experience that lets user schedule, screen sharing and real-time captions with an incredible user interface.

Google Meet will allow users to connect with up to 100 participants for everyone simply with Google Account. This will definitely help businesses to carry their work fluently and increase their productivity.


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How to get started with Google Meet

If you’re an existing G Suite User, then you simply need to sign in to with your Google account. Once you get in, you will be able to host, join and schedule meetings with colleagues, students, friends or families.

If you’re not an elite user of G Suite features then don’t worry. In the coming weeks’ Google Meet will be available to everyone simply by having a Google account. Gratefully, users can sign up to be notified whenever the feature is released to everyone.


What users actually get

For an individual Google Meet will allow them to host their own video calls with their friends and families. Initially there will be no time limit, anyone can carry on with their video calls for any desired time. Gradually it will decrease to 60 minutes after 30th September.

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Organizations will have access to G Suite Essentials until September 30th. It will give access to advanced features like meeting recordings and dial-in phone numbers. Other top features include live streaming for up top 100,00 viewers within your enterprise.


Last Thought

Recently we have seen a huge surge in the number of users who prefer Zoom to carry their day to day video conferencing calls. Such a move from Google will definitely put the last nail in the coffin for them. Google Meet with features like screen sharing, easy accessibility through mobile devices is going to be a great step in the time of Covid-19. Sign up for get notified now and enjoy a reliable and secure video conferencing with Google Meet.

Stay connected we will bring you more such technology news. Don’t forget to drop your comment on the comment section.



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