How To Use Google Lens To Copy Paste Hand-Written Notes


Google Lens can now copy handwritten text from paper to your computer screen:

Google It!  A common response whenever you need an answer to a question. Google, the popular search engine is known for its problem solving skills. Google Lens app is one such example where a user can do a lot more than simply clicking a picture through their phone.

Have you ever imagined that someone would read the word you are reading on your computer screen? Irrespective of your pronunciation through technology it can be conveyed to the other person through a written notes. Have you ever imagined that what you have written on paper, I wish it could be copy-pasted?

Yes, Google has made this dream come true. Google has included extremely useful new features in its multi-purpose object recognition tool Google Lens. With the help of this tool, the scanned text can truly speak and the handwritten notes can be copy-pasted on the computer screen.

The scanned text will speak by itself: Any text scanned with the new feature of Google lens will speak itself. For this, the user just has to scan some text with the camera and press the icon of ‘Listen’. It can also read a word and can read the whole paragraph. This will help the user to know the pronunciation of a word.

Now copy-paste hand taken notes on Computer

Google Lens has extended handwriting recognition. Now a person can copy-paste hand-written notes from his phone to the computer. Till now, there was an option to copy-paste paper notes on the smartphone. But now it can also be copy-pasted on a computer screen document, provided the user is logged on to the same account on their PC and smartphone. For this, the user must have the latest Chrome browser and Google Lens app on Android phones. For this feature to work, it is also important that the handwriting of the writer is clean.

If you’re one of those who want to get all the updates related to Google Lens as early as possible then you might consider buying Google Pixel 4. It comes pre-installed in it with regular updates. 


It will also help in explaining the meaning of a line or paragraph: Sometimes the meaning of a line or paragraph is not understood by the reader. Then the reader has to take help from Google to understand it. With the new feature of Google Lens, the meaning of a line or paragraph has become easier to understand. Now the reader can just select any word and concept and from there can search it on Google with one tap. This will take the reader to Wikipedia and other sites and videos so that they can know the meaning of a word or paragraph. For example, if the reader encounters words like repo rate or cash reserve ratio or perceptual terms of any subject, then its meaning can be reached with a tap from the feature of Google lens.

Available on Android: All these features have become available on Android phones. But the option of licensing is not available on iOS yet.

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