Google Duo May Soon Work Without A Phone Number, Other Updates Also In Line

google duo updates


Google is soon going to release a big update for Google Duo, one of the most popular app among android users for video calling. After this update, users will be able to use this app even without a mobile number. It is imperative to know that at present one requires a phone number to use Google Duo, but it is going to change soon.

This hidden change is thankfully spotted by the developer Jane Manchun Wong. She broke the news on her twitter profile.


Though an e-mail ID will still be required to use the app, which is still far more better than providing the phone number. Sometimes we don’t want to share our numbers and looks like Google has taken this concern of its users into account.

Other Major Updates For Google Duo


Google has recently released a new update, after which 12 people can make video call simultaneously with this app. Earlier only 8 people had the facility to do video calling at one time.


Video calling has increased all over the world due to the lockdown. Since then many companies are releasing updates for their apps. Just a few days ago, Google has also announced to make Google Meet free for all.

Significantly, Google has recently introduced Codec technology to improve the experience of Google Duo users, so that video calling can be done even with a low bandwith network. With this update, the quality of video calls will also improve significantly.

Apart from this, the company has released another feature. Users will be able to click photos during the video call. Users will be able to click the picture through tablet, smartphone and chromebook. These photo will automatically reach the group members.

What are your views about these updates from Google? For us, it is surely going to up the game of Google Duo. With increased demand of the Video calling apps, google has surely hit the right buttons. Do share your views with us.


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