Google Assistant Can Now Speak Hindi, Read How To Enable It In Your Phone


Are you in a habit of personalizing your schedule using Google Assistant or you love to play around with its plethora of commands? Then there is a good news for you, Google now support Hindi for its voice-based Google Assistant.  Thus, more to explore and experience a new and enhanced version of Google Assistant in your own language Hindi. Read the article to know the complete story and how you can enable Google Assistant in Hindi on your phone.

Google has always been known for its innovation and courage to go beyond the limits to ensure their customer satisfaction. This time they rolled out an update in their personal assistant service. With this update, Google Assistant will let you give commands in Hindi. For now, the feature is available only on Android handset with Marshmallow and above. However, it is highly likely to be compatible with android 5.0 and iPhones as well in near future. Albeit the commands are limited for now, but the AI based personal assistant will only improve with days.

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With this update users can now communicate with their Google personal Assistant in Hindi with few obvious English words. Users can simply give Hindi voice commands for any task and Google Assistant will reply back in Hindi giving the feel of “truly Indian”. Before this Google have already launch the Hindi Assistant for its messaging app Google Allo and also as a special addition on Reliance Jio Phone. This recent move will allow developers and businesses to learn more about likes and dislikes of the users. This will further make the user-experience more convenient and time saving.

Why Hindi is important  for Google Assistant?

There is no doubt that India has been one of the biggest market for Google to do business. Knowing this fact, the giant (Google) not adding Hindi as one of language options in their personal phone assistant was a huge left out. Another reason can also be seen as to tackle the ongoing competition between giants like Amazon and Apple.

By adding Hindi as a voice command option Google has gone a step ahead when it compares to Amazon Alexa and Apple Siri. This will not only improve the way how the user can communicate with their virtual personal assistant. But it will also create a big opening for next Google product like Google Home Smart Speaker in India.

Moreover, adding Hindi, in a nation where almost 250 million users are connected through Internet and majority of them speak Hindi is only going to improve the customer base for Google.

How to enable Hindi as a preferred language in Google Assistant?

Now as promised without further a do let’s see how you can enable Hindi as a language for your Google personal Assistant. Before that its very important to update the Google Search application to the latest version. Also, in order to run everything smoothly I recommend you to update other Google apps like Google Text-to-speech, Google play services, etc.

Steps to enable Google Assistant in hindi


  • First launch the Google assistant interface by simply holding the phone Home button. If OK Google is already setup in your phone then just say OK Google to start the app.

  • Then you need to reach to Google Assistant setting options which is appeared in blue icon on the top-right of the screen.

  • On the next window click on setting which you can find inside the three dotted menu icon.

  • Next under the device tab click on Phone and search for Assistant language option.

  • Upon clicking on Assistant Language next you have to select the Language Preferences.

  • If you have already added Hindi(Bharat) as one of your preferred language then simply drag and drop the Hindi option to the device first language priority. If not then then go to Add a language and search for Hindi and add it to your preference tab.

  • However, unfortunately this is not all that you need to activate Hindi as one of your voice command language. You also have to change the Language and input setting to Hindi as default, which can be bit annoying.

  • Once you change the preferred language from the Language and input setting tab, you’re good to go.

Command more and train your Google virtual personal voice assistant to understand your needs.

There are also other regional languages like Bangla, Marathi, Punjabi, Gujrati and etc. which you can try.

So next time if you lost your way to the station open Google Assistant in your phone and simply say “New Delhi janey ka raasta”. Or you can also set an alarm by saying “kal subah mujhe saat bajey uthana”, there are several other voice commands which you can try. Luckily for you Google is running an official page where they have listed the set of Hindi commands which a user can try.

Few Examples of GA

As now we have reach to end of this article we would love to hear what you think about the update. Do you think including Hindi as a preferred language in Google Assistant will be beneficial for the user? Tell us what you think in the comment section.



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