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You must have observed that these days Google chrome shows all non-SSL websites as “Not Secure”. To put it in simple words for the understanding of a layman who wants to start her/his new blog or is already running a blog, it means that if you are not using an SSL certificate on your website, then you will lose your audience and followers. Now, one may ask why so? The answer to this is that an SSL encryption helps to protect your website’s as well as your users’ data.

Before we start telling you how to obtain a free SSL certificate for your website, let’s try to understand what it is. Those who are quite versed in this part can skip this and directly scroll down to the steps to obtain a free SSL encryption for your website.



SSL stands for Secure Sockets Layer. It is an internet protocol that secures the data transfer between the browser of a user and the website they are visiting.

Whenever you visit a website there is a transfer of information. This information can also be sensitive like login credentials, payment details, etc.


In simple words, when you go to a website, you must have observed that the websites with a padlock sign or HTTPS have an SSL certificate installed. Websites without padlock sign and starting with HTTP does not have an SSL certificate installed.


  ssl certificate


Well, there is no fixed cost. The cost of SSL Certificates ranges between $35-200 (Rs. 2500-14000)/ year. While some hosting sites like BlueHostHostGatorSiteGround and few others do provide free SSL certificate along with the hosting. Few other popular hosting sites like GoDaddy do not provide a free SSL certificate and you have to buy an SSL certificate in that case. We recommend BlueHost as the best hosting website. To get hosting for your website from BlueHost click here

Before you proceed to buy an SSL certificate, WAIT!! Why waste your money when you can get it for free? Before moving on the method to obtain a free SSL encryption let’s take a quick look at why your website needs an SSL certificate.

  • SSL / HTTPS is recommended for all websites.

  • Google recommends using SSL.

  • SSL-enabled websites rank higher in search results.

  • If you are not using SSL protection for your website, then Google Chrome will flash a warning to your users that your website is not secure (see image below), thus affecting users’ trust in your brand/website.


without ssl certificate


Now as we know how much a SSL Certificate costs, what are the advantages and what it means, without going in further technicality (as there is a lot, but all we need is an SSL certificate to make our blogs/websites secure and trustworthy) of it, let us have a look at how to obtain a free SSL certificate which is as good as a paid one.


While there are many ways, we will discuss the only one here because it is extremely simple and you don’t need any type of pre-requisite knowledge, just follow the steps below and make your website is more secure.

  • Visit website

  • Enter your website URL in the available area and click on Create Free SSL Certificate. Here, enter all the versions of your website like , etc.

ssl for free

  • Now, you will get three different methods to get started with, although all are equally effective, here we are going with the Automatic FTP Verification(the method is less prone to errors).

  • Now click on Automatic FTP Verification.

3 methods for free ssl

  • Next, you need the FTP credential of your domain to download the certificate. Fill in the respective field and click on Download free SSL certificate. (FTP credentials can be found either in CPanel or Manage Web hosting from your domain panel.)

Automatic FTP verification

  • Once you click Download Free SSL Certificate as shown in the above step. You will get an option to register your email id to be notified of the expiry date of your certificate. As the only disadvantage of obtaining a free ssl is that it expires after 3 months. But why to worry about it? You can just repeat the same steps every 3 months and continue to get ssl protection without paying a single penny.

Notification of expiry

  • Once you click on download free SSL certificate, the next screen will return you a set of alphanumeric code which contains a certificate, private key and CA Bundle . Next, simply click on Download all SSL Certificate files. Do not close this tab.


  • Here’s how the downloaded certificate files looks like on your computer.


  • Now login to your CPanel and search for SSL/TLS (Its normally under Security tab).


  • Then click on Install and Manage SSL for your site (HTTPS)


  • After clicking on Install and manage SSL sites, first you need to select the domain for which you need to apply SSL.


  • Then, one by one, copy the entire CRT certificate, Private Key and Certificate Authority Bundle (as obtained in above step). Paste them on the respective CRT, Private key and Certificate Authority Bundle as shown below. Once done click on Install certificate.

free ssl certificate

  • A pop-up window will open here click on the “OK” button to finalize the process.


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  1. wow… I have no clue what this is about but after reading it I felt I have learned something new today. Very well written and very informative and easy to read. Will come back to this site.

  2. This is such great guide to obtain SSL for new bloggers or for bloggers maintaining their own domains. Thanks for this.

  3. I remember creating a server-side SSL for a client once, whose tech team had no experience handling the servers we were deploying. Great information and thorough walkthrough of SSL certificate creating.


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