Emergency Towing Arrangement – Regulations and Requirements

Emergency Towing Arrangement Credit: Mooring Equipment Guidelines


  • Emergency Towing Arrangement is compulsory  for all tankers of 20,000 DWT and above (Diagram for both forward and aft arrangement at the end).

  • It should be provided at both forward and aft end.

  • Emergency Towing Arrangement should be able to work without any power supply and should be accessible to the towing ship without needing to come too close.

  • It should be ready for rapid deployment and at least one of the two should be pre-rigged.

  • Should be of sufficient strength, taking into account all the forces acting upon it.

  • Strength of the towing components should be as follows:
  1. At least 1000 kN for tankers of 20,000-50,000 DWT.
  2. At least 2000 kN for tankers of 50,000 DWT and above.
  3. Sufficient strength at all towing angles from Centre line to 90° (Port & Stbd) and 30° vertically.

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  • Length of the towing pennant should be at least twice the lightest seagoing ballast freeboard at the fairlead + 50 mtrs.

  • Fairlead should be broad enough to allow passing of the largest portion of the chafing gear, towline.

  • If a chafing chain is used, it should extend from the strong point to at least 3 mtrs beyond the fairlead to ensure that towing pennant remains out of the fairlead during the operation.

  • Arrangement should be there for safe and effective use in darkness also. This is achieved by installing small bulbs on the float line and buoy.

  • Forward arrangement should be deployed within 60 minutes with few men.

  • Aft ETA should be capable of being deployed within 15 minutes by a single crew member.


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The regulations for Emergency Towing Arrangement are as per SOLAS Chapter II-1, Regulation 3.4.

Emergency Towing Arrangement forward
Emergency Towing Arrangement — Forward
Image Credit- Mooring Equipment Guidelines


Emergency Towing Arrangement Aft
Emergency Towing Arrangement — Aft
Image Credit- Mooring Equipment Guidelines


Reference: International Convention for the Safety of Life at Sea (SOLAS), 1974 & OCIMF Mooring Equipment Guidelines


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