Chief Mate Duties During Bunkering Operations

Chief Mate Duties During Bunkering
  1. What are Chief Mate duties during bunkering operations? This is a very common question in the competency exams for chief mates. In this article, we will have a thorough look at the same.

We all know that Chief Mate is the Head Of Deck Department. The main job of the chief mate is that he is the in-charge of the entire cargo operations. We also know that Chief Engineer is the in-charge of bunkering operations but that doesn’t mean that Chief mate is not responsible for anything during bunkering of ship.

So here is a list of Chief Mate duties during bunkering operations:
  1. Chief Mate should ensure that the communication between the manifold and other engine staff is adequate, if required provide additional walkie-talkie to the Engine staff.

  2. Chief Officer should make sure that the ship, if on berth is alongside at all times.

  3. Mate should ensure that the bunker barge is safely alongside at all times. Mooring of bunker barge should be made fast in a safe manner.

  4. Chief Mate is responsible for safe rigging of Pilot ladder and gangway under his supervision so that ship’s engineer officers and barge personnel can go to and fro from ship and barge for sampling and sounding.

  5. Chief Officer should prepare a Declaration of Security if required.

  6. While Bunkering is in progress, chief officer should keep an eye on the stability of the vessel.

  7. Chief Officer should correct any list immediately.

  8. The mate should provide, through his officers, the trim and other information required by Chief Engineer.

  9. Chief Officer should ensure that duty officers check the moorings at regular interval of time.

  10. Mate should ensure that a rover watch is provided to keep an eye on the bunker tank vents.

  11. Chief Officer should ensure that continuous deck rounds are taken by rover watch and if any sign of oil pollution, Chief Engineer is immediately informed to stop the bunker operations.

  12. Mate should ensure that scuppers are plugged in. So that in case of any overflow, no oil goes overboard.

  13. Chief officer should keep an eye on the weather. If any adverse changes, inform Chief Engineer.

  14. Chief Mate must provide relief to the rover watch in such a manner that work and rest hours are in compliance.

  15. The mate should ensure that B” Flag is raised or a red light is lit when bunkering is in progress.

So, these are some of the important Chief Mate Duties During Bunkering which we have enumerated here.

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