Automatic Speed Bumps – A reality now


If you are fond of driving or is a daily commuter, at least once you must have thought that how good it would have been if there are no speed breakers. However we all know that speed breakers are very important for the road safety and needs to be there but how about if we say that a speed breaker will be there only for those who drive rashly and those driving at the required and decent speed can continue their rides smoothly, many of you won’t believe this but it is a reality now.

A Spanish company Badenova S.L has developed the world’s first ‘intelligent’ speed breaker or we can say automatic speed bumps, that only hardens when cars are driven rashly. For slow drivers, the ‘liquid filled’ speed-breaker collapses to permit a smooth ride (at low speeds), thus saving damage to the car’s suspension, which would otherwise occur with a conventional speed-breaker, even though driving slowly.

This Intelligent Speed Bump (BIV) is based on Non-Newtonian fluids dynamics in which particles in natural movement as liquid align when receiving an impact, thus entering into a solid state.

This non-Newtonian fluid is also biodegradable and completely harmless to humans. The exterior of the speed breaker is made up of ultra-tough plastic, designed to be highly resistant to ageing, wear, vandalism and even unfavourable weather conditions.

The ‘liquid’ yields when cars are driven at a moderate speed, but when impacted with force, the liquid hardens and creates an obstacle that forces vehicles to reduce their speed.



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