Apple Watch Series 6- What We Know So Far


Apple Watch 6 to monitor mental health too. The Apple Watch users mostly use this device to monitor their health related data. In the past, there have been many instances where the user’s life is saved due to Apple Watch. Apple is now working to further improve its watch. According to a report, the upcoming Apple Watch 6 will also monitor the mental health of its users.

Expected Launch Date of Apple watch Series 6

Usually, Apple holds its iPhone launch event in September of every year and the launch date of Apple Watch is normally announced in the same event.

Normally, this launch event takes place in the second week of September and mostly on a Tuesday. So, by going with this data, we can expect the launch on 8 September 2020. Though nothing is confirmed till now, this event might be delayed due to the current global situation, but everything is a speculation as of now. 

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Expected New Features

  • Apple Watch 6 will be powered with many advanced sensors which will monitor the panic attack.

  • The watch will be used to monitor many symptoms such as panic attacks, restlessness, chest tightness, difficulty in breathing, profuse sweating, numbness in hands and feet etc. In medical language it is called Agoraphobia.

  • It can also include sleep monitoring, sleep quality measurement and many other health functions.

  • It will also get an upgraded ECG.

  • If the blood oxygen level of a user declines, then he or she may have severe respiratory or cardiac problems. In such a case, the blood oxygen indicator will tell about it, after which the user will be able to seek medical help immediately.

  • It will have a better battery backup. To ensure this, S6 chip will be used.

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So, are you excited about these new and awesome features of the upcoming Apple watch 6? Are you waiting for its launch? Do share your views in the comments section.


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